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    About Us

    Welcome to mad over metal, where innovation meets luxury in the realm of home fashion.
    Journey through the vision and passion of our founders, the dynamic duo behind the opulent tapestry of mad over metal.

    Hemanth Kotagiri | Co-founder
    Whether it’s crafting bespoke designs or incorporating cutting-edge technology into our creations, Hemanth is the architect of our avant-garde approach.

    Armed with an engineering background complemented by an MBA, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With a keen interest in research, automobiles, food, and travel, Hemanth embodies the essence of a true innovator. His technical bent of mind is the driving force behind the constant innovation at mad over metal.
    Sriram Upadhya | Co-founder
    Enter Sriram Upadhya (fondly known as Ram), an MBA graduate from the prestigious Monash university of Australia, specializing in People and Business Development. With a deep understanding of how people interact with their spaces, Ram orchestrates a symphony of functionality and aesthetics in every creation.

    Together, Hemanth and Ram form the visionary core of mad over metal, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of luxury home fashion. Their synergy of technical brilliance, strategic innovation, and a deep appreciation for human experiences defines the ethos of mad over metal -Where homes are not just built; they are crafted with a passion that transcends the ordinary. Welcome to a world where every detail matters. Luxury finds a new home – mad over metal.

    Having navigated the intricate landscapes of various industries, both Founders found their calling in the intersection of design and technology within the realm of luxury homes. Beyond the business, they are globetrotters and connoisseurs of fine cuisine, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures around the world. This passion for exploration seamlessly translates into the eclectic and cosmopolitan designs that define mad over metal.