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    At Concrete Works, we specialize in a transformative decorative concrete that effortlessly conforms to any given space. Perfect for application on a diverse range of surfaces from floors to walls, and even furniture, we turn your vision into a tangible reality. Our concrete solutions infuse spaces with unique personality—whether it’s complementing the sleek lines of modern design or enhancing the charm of classic settings with a touch of rustic elegance.

    Our decorative concrete boasts a slim profile (1 to 2.5mm) for seamless integration, offering an ideal fix for those seeking quiet transformation without the disruption of extensive works. It creates a smooth, joint-free finish that extends as far as the eye can see, delivering both practicality and visual appeal in spades.

    Beyond its stylish versatility, this is a renovation game-changer—a global trendsetter that promises enduring quality, free from the fine print. With its robust features and aesthetic appeal, Concrete Works presents a compelling case for both new projects and refurbishments alike.
    Key Benefits
    What exactly is the make-up of this material?
    Crafted from a blend of meticulously proportioned concrete and sand for the Base Coat, topped with a pure concrete Finish Coat, our material is a masterclass in balance and refinement.
    This isn't an epoxy, is it?
    Decidedly not. While epoxy has its place, our material is genuine concrete, enhanced with a polymer for that quintessential Concrete Works touch.
    Could you elaborate on the benefits when compared to traditional concrete or IPS?
    Certainly, Our Decorative Concrete is a marvel of innovation:
    It boasts a remarkable resistance to cracking, eclipsing IPS.
    Seamless application is a reality here; farewell to unsightly break joints.
    Say goodbye to the long wait of curing characteristic of IPS. Our polymer-infused concrete self-cures, ushering in readiness in mere days.
    Its featherlight touch adds a scant 1mm to 2.5mm to surfaces, making it a darling for renovation projects.
    Versatility is its middle name, ready to shine in places where IPS might falter.
    In what realms can this be utilized?
    Unleash your creativity with Decorative Concrete. Envision it on floors, walls, both inside and out, on furniture, steps, as part of facades, in sinks, over terraces, within lights—your imagination is the only limit.
    Are there other hues available besides the signature grey?
    While we champion the classic elegance of White and Grey, a kaleidoscope of colours awaits, achievable through the addition of color pigments to meet your vision.
    What maintenance does a Decorative Concrete floor require?
    As straightforward as any floor could be—simple mopping does the trick. However, steer clear of acids that could compromise the integrity of the PU Sealer.
    Is scratching an issue?
    Under typical conditions, our Decorative Concrete remains unscathed. Treat it with the care you would afford a fine wood flooring. While it may not match the hardness of tile or marble, we recommend using rubber pads under movable furniture to prevent scratches.
    And the longevity of this product?
    Tended with care, expect a lifespan of a hearty 10-15 years. With time, its character only improves. Though optional, a refresh with sealer and a gentle buff after about five years can keep it looking pristine.