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    Established by Srikanth Varma and Keerthi Datla, Esvee Atelier emerged in 2018 as a sanctuary for the creation and discovery of contemporary Indian art that is both functional and mindfully attuned to the cultivation of living spaces. The foundation of the Atelier is, the philosophy that intentional creation fosters mindful consumption; hence, the designs serve to enrich your living environment, fostering a conscious dialogue with your space as it matures and transforms in harmony with your personal journey.

    The guiding principle is a dedication to conscious minimalism, agelessly manifested through the essence of poetic design. We seek to embody the ideal of ‘just enough’, ensuring our creations are the epitome of balance and purpose. This philosophy is brought to life by our stable of adept designers and artisans, whose commitment to innovation, exemplary quality, and artistic sophistication is at the heart of our ethos.

    In essence, we, at Esvee Atelier, are more than just creators; we are the devoted aficionados of design, jointly revelling in and disseminating our passion for mindful living and masterful artisanship.
    Why Esvee?
    How can I initiate an order?
    To place your order, visit our Store at:
    mad over metal, 2nd Floor, Zonah Neptune (SVM Mall), Road Number 36, Near Peddamma Temple, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
    Are there additional costs for shipping and delivery?
    Indeed, shipping and delivery fees are determined based on the finalized order specifics upon confirmation. For international dispatches, we entrust FedEx and Aramex. Within India, our local logistic partners ensure your delivery.
    What personalization’s do you offer?
    We can customize the wood tone, upholstery in Fabric/Faux leather, and the configuration/size to suit your distinctive requirements.
    Can I cancel or return an order?
    Given the bespoke nature of our products, once an order is placed, we are unable to accommodate cancellations.
    What care should be taken for the products?
    Being a living material, solid wood responds to climatic nuances. Regular dusting with a soft, lint-free cloth is key to longevity. Avoid direct contact with extreme temperatures or chemicals. For unforeseen damages, professional assistance is recommended. Solid wood may naturally expand or contract; our designs anticipate these changes. Items should be kept indoors, away from direct sunlight and humidity.

    Maintain with a dry microfiber cloth. Regular maintenance prevents patina, but if you prefer the patina look, minimal cleaning is advisable. Abrasive materials should be avoided.

    Prompt cleaning with a damp cloth is advised to prevent staining. Hairline cracks may appear over time.

    Periodic gentle vacuuming is recommended. For spills, professional dry cleaning is best. Gentle usage ensures the longevity of the foam.

    A glass cleaner solution and microfiber cloth are ideal for cleaning.

    Avoid chemical cleaners and sharp objects. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and heat damage.
    How do I choose and personalize finish colours/fabrics for upholstery?
    Contact our Sales team to explore our curated range of finishes and fabric options for customization.
    What materials are utilized in your products?
    We select all materials for their low toxicity and superior quality. Our offerings are crafted in solid teak wood with custom solid brass accents, finished with zero % VOC oil-based Rubio Monocoats. For further product information, please reach out to us.
    Where are the products manufactured and how?
    Our Atelier is a thriving ecosystem where designers and artisans embody the spirit of “Conscious minimalism”. Each product is crafted from solid teak wood, employing sound joinery for enduring quality. Plywood use is minimized and reserved only for necessary applications.