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    In the illustrious city of Ellwangen, Germany, the year 1959 witnessed the birth of Karl Lingel Fensterbau Gmbh & Co.KG, a name that would soon become synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship in the fenestration industry. Over sixty years have sculpted Lingel into an emblem of excellence, securing its status as a leading artisan in Europe’s luxury door and window sector. Lingel’s legacy crossed seas in 2006, planting its roots in Rajasthan, India, and weaving a network as vast as the subcontinent itself.

    As the quintessential German maestro of fenestration in India, Lingel unfurls an all-encompassing gamut of sophisticated solutions with its UPVC, Aluminium, and the regal American Oakwood offerings, including the robust Lingel Grill Windows. The creative horizon is endless with Lingel, where every design from the classic casement to the contemporary tilt & turn, from the seamless sliding to the elegant sliding folding, and from the majestic bay windows to custom combinations is crafted to inspire awe. The only limit to Lingel’s bespoke designs is the canvas of your imagination. Elegance and innovation coalesce here, where every Lingel Grill Window reaffirms that mad over metal reigns as the best luxury furniture store for Lingel company products.
    The Lingel Advantage
    Key Benefits
    Low Maintenance
    Heat Insulation
    Noise Resistance
    Weather Resistance
    Energy Saving
    Green Product
    60+ years of Legacy
    Could you introduce us to Lingel Windows?
    Lingel Windows is not just a brand but a legacy that dates back to 1959, born in the heart of Ellwangen, Germany. With a rich history spanning over six decades, Lingel stands as a beacon of premier doors and windows craftsmanship in Europe, boasting two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Ellwangen and Lichtenstein.

    The Lingel name made its grand entry into India in 2006, anchoring its head office in Rajasthan and spreading its wings across the nation with a vast network of sales offices, dealers, and experience centres. Its expansive manufacturing hub, sprawling over 1,25,000 sq.ft, is located in Gurgaon, Haryana.

    From the robust UPVC windows in Hyderabad to the sleek and stylish aluminium windows, Lingel's offerings are diverse. Whether you're in the market for aluminium windows at competitive prices in Hyderabad or seeking the luxury of American Oak Wood straight from Germany, Lingel caters to all your fenestration desires. The brand takes pride in being pioneers, introducing the first Smart WiFi-operated windows to India, alongside an array of niche products such as Glass Conservatories, Venetian Blinds, Roller Shutters, and more. Safety is paramount with Lingel's LPG and LSB, offering complete security window solutions.

    With a dedicated team of over 300 members and numerous industry accolades, Lingel is committed to its motto: ON TIME EVERY TIME, ensuring customer satisfaction is always the priority.
    What is the process if I want to arrange a meeting for a quote?
    Just get in touch with us by filling the contact form on our website or simply call us on +91 7799883640 / +91 9177444161 or visit our nearest franchisee store.
    Where is Lingel Windows' headquarters location in India?
    Lingel's Indian headquarters are nestled in the industrious landscape of Kapriwas, Haryana. However, the essence of Lingel windows and doors can be experienced throughout India, thanks to our extensive pan-India presence. Witness the elegance of Lingel's UPVC, Aluminium, Solid Wood doors and windows in Hyderabad by visiting mad over metal store.
    What range of products does Lingel Windows offer?
    Lingel Windows offers an extensive array of fenestration solutions, all available under one roof, each tailormade and customized to perfection. Our product line extends from versatile uPVC and aluminium windows to the luxurious Alu-Wood and Solid Wood Windows, catering to a variety of aesthetic and functional needs. For those seeking the finest aluminium windows in Hyderabad or the best aluminium windows price in Hyderabad, Lingel is your destination. We also offer an assortment of specialized products including Glass Conservatories, Venetian Blinds, Roller Shutters, and innovative Arch Doors & Windows.

    Moreover, Lingel has revolutionized security with the introduction of LPG, LSB, & Security Grills, providing you with complete peace of mind through comprehensive security window solutions.
    Can you detail the warranty Lingel Windows provides?
    Lingel Windows assures a robust 15-year warranty on manufacturing, supplemented with a 5-year warranty on hardware, reflecting our confidence in the enduring quality of our products. For further inquiries or detailed information, please reach out to us at hello@madovermetal.com or call us at Contact No: +91 9177444161.
    What is the expected lead time for Lingel Windows installation?
    The journey from creation to installation of Lingel windows is meticulously timed. Typically, it spans 45-60 days for production following Techno-Commercial clearance. After production, our aluminium and uPVC windows begin their voyage from our headquarters to your doorstep in Hyderabad or any location nationwide. Installation is then swiftly executed within 1-2 weeks, provided the site is prepped and ready. Our commitment to punctuality and service excellence is unwavering.
    What variety of wood is chosen for Lingel's Wooden Windows?
    For our wooden windows, Lingel chooses the exemplary Timber Wood and American Oak Wood, sourced straight from Germany's finest woodcraft. These choices reflect our commitment to delivering not just windows, but pieces of enduring art.
    Are Georgian bars an option with Lingel's window designs?
    Yes, Lingel offers the classic Georgian bars, which can be seamlessly integrated with our uPVC, timber, or aluminium windows. These bars create a charming grid design, enhancing the aesthetic while potentially adding to the cost due to the additional materials and intricate craftsmanship involved.
    Where in India can one source soundproof Windows & Doors?
    In the realm of soundproofing, Lingel rises above as the brand of choice within India. Our windows and doors are the epitome of tranquillity, equipped with features like multi-chambered profiles and double-glazed insulated glasses, while also boasting the strength to resist winds of up to 250 km/h.
    What is the price range of Lingel's soundproof doors and windows?
    The cost spectrum for Lingel's soundproof doors and windows is as varied as our offerings, stretching from sturdy uPVC to elegant aluminium, and from the warmth of Wood to the hybrid Alu-Wood. Each choice, be it sliding doors or casement windows, is priced according to its unique configuration and the value it brings to your abode.
    How does one shield windows and doors from rainwater seepage?
    Lingel's pioneering design philosophy incorporates Drain Slots within the tracks of our windows and doors, a testament to our commitment to safeguarding your living spaces from the ingress of rainwater.
    What maintenance do Lingel windows and doors demand?
    The beauty of Lingel windows and doors lies in their low-maintenance nature. Fashioned to be termite resistant and immune to the whims of weather, they ask for nothing more than a simple, routine cleaning, ensuring they remain pristine year after year.
    What is the upkeep cost for Lingel windows and doors?
    The longevity and robustness of Lingel windows and doors come without the burden of high maintenance costs. Their durable design ensures they stand the test of time with minimal upkeep, guaranteeing performance without the premium.
    How will I recognize the need for maintenance on my windows and doors?
    Should you encounter any resistance or a drop in performance with your Lingel windows and doors, it's a sign that maintenance may be required. Rest assured; our customer care team is on standby, ready to schedule a service for any such needs.
    Can Aluminium sliding windows offer noise insulation?
    Lingel affirms that our aluminium sliding windows stand as a bastion against noise, each one a silent guardian crafted with noise-dampening double-glazed laminated glass, all encased in multi-chambered profiles for tranquillity within your sanctuary.
    What are the measures to prevent rainwater seepage?
    Lingel's doors and windows are your fortress against rainwater seepage, engineered with a patented rain track system and designed with gradient slopes ensuring that rainwater is directed away, thus maintaining the sanctity of your interiors.
    Is the integrity of uPVC windows and doors against water proven?
    The resilience of Lingel's uPVC windows and doors against the fiercest of rains is unmatched. They are the bulwark you need to repel water and safeguard your haven.
    What certifies Lingel's doors and windows as storm proof?
    Lingel's uPVC doors and windows come fortified with steel reinforcements and hurricane bars, rigorously tested against storms, thus setting the benchmark for storm-proof fenestration.

    For those in pursuit of the finest aluminium windows in Hyderabad or seeking the most reasonable aluminium windows price in Hyderabad, Lingel's portfolio of uPVC windows and doors promises excellence and elegance, all under one roof.
    Is regular maintenance a necessity for Lingel's windows and doors?
    Regular maintenance for Lingel's windows and doors is a concept almost foreign, thanks to their meticulous manufacturing. Engineered for excellence, these windows and doors — whether they be the sought-after uPVC windows in Hyderabad or the robust aluminium doors and windows Hyderabad homeowners admire — boast an intrinsic resistance to corrosion, termites, dust, and extreme weather conditions. They are designed to stand the test of time without warping or succumbing to fire. Apart from the occasional cleaning to ward off surface dirt, Lingel windows and doors are crafted for a lifetime of effortless performance.
    How do Lingel windows and doors stand up in terms of durability?
    Durability is the cornerstone of Lingel windows and doors. These fixtures, celebrated across the city, don't just meet but exceed the expectations for aluminium windows price in Hyderabad with their long-lasting materials and construction. Maintenance is barely a consideration; such is their resilience. They retain their pristine condition year after year, ensuring that when you choose Lingel, you choose windows and doors that endure.
    Is it possible to integrate bug mesh with my Lingel windows and doors?
    Indeed, integrating a bug mesh with your Lingel windows and doors is not only possible but also a seamless process. These meshes are the perfect complement to the aluminium windows Hyderabad residents prefer, providing a barrier against pests while still allowing the gentle breeze to refresh your home. With Lingel, enjoy the harmony of indoor comfort and outdoor freshness, without any unwelcome guests.
    Do Lingel's aluminium windows and doors contribute to energy efficiency?
    Embracing energy efficiency is at the heart of Lingel's aluminium windows and doors. Crafted with thermal break profiles and fusion-welded for an airtight seal, they are a testament to innovation in the aluminium windows in Hyderabad market. Such features ensure that the relentless Hyderabad heat stays out while the cool comfort of your air-conditioned rooms remains undisturbed, paving the way for significant savings on electricity bills and a greener footprint.
    What advantages do energy-efficient windows and doors from Lingel offer?
    The energy-efficient Lingel windows and doors are not just a choice but an investment in sustainability and cost-efficiency. With the rising aluminium windows price in Hyderabad, choosing Lingel ensures you reap the benefits of reduced electricity costs and enhanced performance. The double or triple insulated glass units and multiple locking points not only elevate the safety quotient but also underscore the commitment to energy efficiency that Lingel windows and doors promise, making them a smart and safe choice for the discerning homeowner.
    Where can I find premium Lingel windows in Hyderabad?
    When it comes to discovering the epitome of premium Lingel windows with Lingel security glass in Hyderabad, mad over metal stands unrivaled as the authorized beacon of high-end fenestration. We are the celebrated destination for those who seek nothing but the best in quality and elegance. Our showroom is a curated gallery showcasing the finest range of Lingel windows and doors, each piece a paragon of German engineering tailored to perfection.